Silver ChaliseWe have scanned all of our church records to facilitate historical and genealogical research. These records may be viewed at the James Library in Norwell, MA. All records may be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (included on the media). The records include the following:

Parish Records (PR series) - 6 books from 1642 to the present containing minutes of all business meetings, reports, official votes, elections, and bylaws. This is the largest bulk of records as it includes all annual meeting warrants, committee, and financial reports up to the present.

Church Records (CR series) - 4 books from 1645 to 1880 listing marriages, baptisms, deaths, confessions, and letters received. A few marriage certificates are included. Samuel Deane's records include baptisms, marriages, deaths, and membership lists.

Ministers Records - 2 books from 1916 to the present containing marriages, baptisms, dedications, funerals, and other events recorded by the ministers of First Parish. Some photographs and newspaper clippings are included.

Here is a sample page from CR2 of marriages.