Unitarian and Universalist history is a rich tapestry of spiritual, theological, practical and social expression. It reveals a particular way of looking at the world, an "angle of vision" as Ralph Waldo Emerson expressed it, that affirms the search for meaning and truth yet realizes that this truth is manifested in many different ways.

In the First Parish of Norwell Religious Education program we affirm this concept of search for meaning by supplying informative and spiritually fulfilling programming. We seek to create a place of peace, exploration, community and spiritual fulfillment for people of all ages.

We believe that learning and discussing values and religion is a lifelong process. Because of this idea we offer a variety of Religious Education opportunities for all ages throughout our church year. All of our programs are free of charge and take place at First Parish unless otherwise noted. You are encouraged to take part in as all of our programs.

A Religious Education Philosophy:
Religious Education is an education of the whole being, from birth to death, through all of life’s learning. Learning about what it means to be human on this earth; what it means to care of one another, what it means to be guided by our highest inner voice. Religious Education is moral and ethical development; how you interact with and carry yourself in the world affecting the choices you make. Religious Education is also spiritual and faith development; your relationship with yourself and with God, or the Being greater than self.

Religious Education is facilitating ways for people to take it home. Religious Education can transform, becoming something lived and something spiritual, a spiritual practice that leads to a spiritual life, a life lived spiritually. It is living in a way that recognizes that the sacred space extends beyond the church out to the home, car, grocery store, work; it affects our relationships with people and all life.

Julian Baptista
Director of Religious Education