Hello First Parish

Oxygen + microorganisms + curious children = FPNUU FUN!

"Roots hold me close, wings set me free. Spirit of Life, come to me. Come to me." -Carolyn McDade

Happy September! When asked what my favorite season is, my answer is "the CHANGE of season!" How lucky I feel to live in this corner of the world where the seasons each hold their own gifts, just waiting to be noticed and enjoyed by many, or few and with no expectations! Since my children have become school-aged, September is the time of year I am most reminded of Carolyn Dade's lyrics (which I've read she intended as a prayer, not a hymn), "Roots hold me close, wings set me free." So however you greet September, the season, the return to the school and the church calendar, may you find peaceful and wondrous moments in the change of season!

September dates:
September 9: Multi-Generational Water Communion and Backpack Blessing. Please bring water from someplace meaningful in your life (and proxy water will be available, so no worries!) and your backpacks, work bags, knitting bag, or any other bag that often travels with you. The bags we carry tell stories of our lives and are worthy of blessing! This will be our second annual Blessing of the Backpacks. I will be around before and after the service to help you register your child(ren) for religious education and/or baby care. If I look sightly frazzled, I probably am, so let’s laugh and do what we can to have fun with the transition of back to church!

September 16: All RE teachers and students will begin in the Meeting House for the beginning of service and then will move into the Parish Hall for some all-ages fun and cooperative games. If you have suggestions for activities, please see me! We will also brainstorm with the children what they would like to see this year in the RE program. This (trial run) day is in lieu of the Summer gathering we have done in years past with RE families/teachers as a way to keep things simple for our RE families and teachers (a theme that will drive my planning all year).

September 23: First day of regular RE classes

September 30: Regular RE classes

Babycare at FPNUU:
Welcome and thank you to, Jonah H. and Maebon P. who will be our babysitters on Sunday mornings for childcare and to Crista T. who will be our adult volunteer in the nursery. We all look forward to the fun to be had for the littlest of our parish. As always, children of all ages are welcome to stay with their families for the entirety of the church service if that is the family preference!

First Semester Teachers at FPNUU:
Deb W. and Amanda A. will be teaching elementary grades though 4th. Patti W. and Mary N. will be teaching grades 5-6. Nelson S. and Mandy M. will be leading the OWL program this year. As your DRE and as a parent of a child in each of these classes, I am grateful to the volunteer teachers and the children of the parish for making our programs what they are!

Shout Out:
A moment of gratitude to Patti W. who has offered to help me with RE office work or projects that I need help with this fall. What an unexpected gift! I look forward to spending time with her and her infectious laugh and know busy hands will help make work “light.” Thank you to those of you who this past month have said yes to future OWL trainings, raised your hands to sub in class, offered to draft spreadsheets for me, and have just been beyond kind and supportive as I have begun navigating the waters of RE.

See the RE class schedule for the remainder of 2018 here. Please print and add it to your family calendar. Copies will be available at church and also posted on our bulletin board in the hallway (near coat racks). Parents, keep your eyes open for a SurveyMonkey that I will send to you in the upcoming month to get feedback on what you wish for RE this year. I want to keep things family-friendly and simple and based on family interest level. Your honest feedback will help me shape the upcoming RE year.

I am no longer serving on Parish Committee, but will continue attending the monthly PC meetings in a non-voting capacity as your DRE. I am happy to represent the needs and interests of children and families of the parish! So let’s keep chatting.

Let's "make it so!"

Gabe Millins, DRE

Director of Religious Education