Hello First Parish

Honoring our Church School Teachers (above photo)

Mini-sessions were a wonderful success. Thank you again to all of the group leaders who engaged the children in everything from dog care to card tricks! Namely, Marcia Babcock, Lorna Philips, Erin Puleio, Mary Nickerson, Patti Walters, Aidan Robey, Ben Metzger, Amanda Adams, Bev Gardner, Linda Hurt, Bernie Gardner, Tschol Slade, Joanne Howard, and Adrianna McLane.

We are gearing up for an excellent second semester with wonderful curriculum, dedicated teachers, and amazing children! Children in grades 1-4 will be using the UU Superheros curriculum. The lessons focus on specific individuals throughout history who have in some way demonstrated the UU spirit of living. The UU principles are woven into each lesson along with interesting stories and hands-on activities. One of the great characteristics of this curriculum is that it focuses on varying people that you might not otherwise consider. So although Sophia Lyon Fahs is featured, so too are Pete Seeger and Beatrix Potter. This class will continue to be taught by Debb Welsh, Amanda Adams, Jordan Grant, and Emily Grant. Children in grades 5-6 will continue with the Questing Year curriculum. This curriculum focuses on four types of quests: UU quest, inner quest, mystery quest, and action quest. I send a huge thank you to Mary Nickerson and Erin Puleio for leading this class last semester! The upcoming months will feature Abbie and Tom Yardley as group leaders. The Neighboring Faiths group had expressed interest in learning more about Islam and the Buddhist faith traditions. We are planning a visit to the Islamic Center of New England in Quincy. I am also reaching out to several Buddhist centers to determine what might be the best fit for our group visit. Suggestions are welcome! Students will also spend some time this semester learning about the Quaker religion as well as Wicca rituals. Students will then round out the year by reflecting on what they have learned and digging deep into their own personal values to create a Coming of Age credo. Credos will be presented on June 10th. Elizabeth and Thad Robey did a wonderful job leading this group in the fall and now the torch is passed to Gabe Millins and Julia Traggorth!

The Youth Group will be participating in a CON in Sharon from March 24-25. This is the same day as the nation-wide rally on gun violence. The Youth Advisors in Sharon have arranged the schedule such that teens who want to attend the rally can do so and then return to the CON. On another note, the FPNUU Youth Group raised approximately $250 from the chocolate fundraiser in February. Thank you FPNUU for your donating and purchasing all things chocolate-y and wonderful!


Director of Religious Education