Hello First Parish!

Honoring our Church School Teachers (above photo)

Can you believe it's already April? Well we're now officially in spring, and I can’t wait to share this time of new life, warmth, and Religious Education with you all.

First of all, to connect with your whole First Parish family, is our monthly Game Night Potluck on Friday, April 14. So come at 5:30, share that great new recipe you've been meaning to try with friends, and play some games. It will be a great evening!

For the middle schoolers of our congregation, our neighboring UU congregation in Rockland will be hosting a Junior Youth conference called Ice Cream CONe at the end of this month. This is a great opportunity for your 6-8th grader to meet other UUs from the area, learn something new, and have a lot of fun! This full day event will also introduce the kids to the feeling of the senior youth conferences which many of our high school youth love. Please be sure to register at the link below before April 22, and email me to confirm that there will be enough advisors: tinyurl.com/mjcxzbt

Over the past several weeks I’ve had a great time with members of our congregation discussing the hard choices we all have to make in our lives. Whether it's deciding if it is ethical for every person to steal a single paperclip, or something a little more personal; UUs have a hard road to travel. We do not have a creed dictating what is right, so we must decide the best course for ourselves based off of the best sources we have. If thinking about these big issues and discussing them with your fellow First Parish members appeals to you, come to our adult program entitled "What We Choose" continuing on Tuesday, April 11 at noon. All are welcome, and the program is free of charge, so feel free to bring friends!

Now you may ask, how do my kids take part in these great programs? Well the answer is Registration! This year we are supporting both in person, and web based child registrations. So if you haven't registered yet, come see me in person, or go to our online registration form here: www.goo.gl/forms/BT1HXxgMKY9hZLVL2.

I can’t wait to see you all at church!

Julian Baptista
Director of Religious Education