Hello First Parish

Honoring our Church School Teachers (above photo)

Happy New Year, First Parish! We certainly had a busy month of December filled with community, celebration, and joy. Our Nativity in a Trunk went off without a hitch thanks to the hard work of the RE Committee and the zealous volunteerism of our many sheep, shepherds, stars, angels, etc. We even had an enthusiastic cameo from our resident pup, Leo Metzger! Thank you also to Nora Millins, Otto Slade, Maebon Puleio, Cassidy Grant and Molly Carey for offering early on to play Mary, Joseph, Caesar, uddha, and our Big Angel. And Nativity in a Trunk ended with a big exclamation point when Jim Pickel volunteered to be our bearded friend in red. Thank you to Jim as well. A job well done, FPNUU!

Thank you to all who donated to our mitten tree. It was beautiful and decorated with more than mittens, scarves, and hats. It was clear that there was a lot of love attached to that tree as well. I delivered several bags of this thoughtful warm winter gear to Carolina Hill Shelter in Marshfield. They welcomed all of it with much gratitude and beaming smiles. Again...a job well done, FPNUU!

Betsy Gordon so eloquently shared some details about the gift drive for children in foster care on January 7. Betsy thanked everyone for their efforts to bring this event to life, but truly Betsy’s dedication, hard work, and amazing organization are what pull this event together. Thank you to Betsy for helping to bring more cheer, love, and goodwill to each of these children’s Christmas celebrations! Nora Millins and Otto Slade were also a key part of this effort, as they spent a Sunday afternoon shopping for gifts that hadn’t been purchased yet. Time and money management skills abound with these two, as does great taste and dare I say a penchant for shopping! Thank you to Nora and Otto as well for helping to complete each child’s wish list.

As for RE classes, the semester has rolled to an end. Thank you to the teachers who volunteered their time and energy to bring each Sunday to life for the youth of First Parish. Thanks to... Debb Welsh, Amanda Adams, Jordan Grant, Emily Grant, Mary Nickerson, Erin Puleio, Thad Robey, and Elizabeth Robey. You are all wonderful teachers and our children gain much from your kind approach, thoughtful nature, and deep dedication.

Mini-sessions will begin January 14 and will run through February 18. Thank you to the members of our community who have volunteered to lead a group!

  • Marcia Babcock and Lorna Phillips - Learn to Play Hand Chimes
  • Erin Puleio - Cookie Decorating
  • Mary Nickerson and Patti Walters - Learn about Dogs
  • Ben Metzger and Aidan Robey - Soccer Clinic
  • Amanda Adams - Origami Paper Puzzles
  • Bev Gardner and Linda Hurt - Scrapbooking
  • Bernie Gardner - Climate Change
  • Erin Puleio - No Sew Pillows
  • Tschol Slade - Card Games and Tricks
  • Joanne Howard - Symbols in Judaism
  • Adrianna McLane - Finger Knitting
With much hope for a peaceful and joyous new year, Jessie

Director of Religious Education