Hello First Parish

Oxygen + microorganisms + curious children = FPNUU FUN!

Happy Spring, First Parish!

The last month has been busy and I hope this message finds you all happy, healthy, and enjoying the sunshine!

We had a wonderful turnout for our Easter Egg Hunt. The RE Committee spent the Friday night prior stuffing eggs and eating pizza! We had a wonderful turnout of helpers, including a group of children, so the workload was light and the giggles abundant. To say that our children have self-control is an understatement. It’s hard not to candy binge when prepping for an Easter Egg Hunt, but our children really stuck to the task and 507 eggs were ready to go within a short time. Our lawn was transformed into a sea of color and the “hunt” was more of a “scoop-and-go” situation, but fun was had by all and the day continued with outdoor games led by Mandy Metzger. Thank you, Mandy!

We recently had a successful sleepover with our 4th 8th graders. We held true to the “May the 4th Be With You” theme (date May 4th!) and filled our evening with Star Wars, running on the playground, games, popcorn, pizza, and yes...sleep! We finished off our overnight with a pancake breakfast. I have two big take-aways from that evening...1) confirmation that these are some of the nicest children one could spend a sleepy overnight with and 2) they LOVE popcorn!

Our Neighboring Faiths class recently visited the open-mosque day at the Islamic Center in Quincy. The students learned about the pillars of Islam in detail, with comedy and lots of audience participation woven into the presentation. We also listened to Imam Dr. Khalid Nasr read from the Quran, a book that he had memorized in its entirety, an accomplishment that I think was not lost on our students. Imam Nasr engaged the entire group (including our NF students) in an open Q&A forum. Questions were thoughtful, the answers even more so. Otto entered the mosque wondering if the direction to Mecca takes into consideration the curvature of the Earth. He didn’t pose this question to the Imam during the group discussion, but did ask him privately later, and yes, the curvature of the Earth is taken into consideration, and yes, there is an app for that. Some of the students then went on to get henna tattoos and others joined the prayer hall in action. The day was full of curiosity, learning, kindness, open minds and open hearts.

Our UU Superheroes class, as well as our Questing Year class, continue to engage in hands-on projects that promote a deeper understanding of our UU heritage and values. Activities have included running a scientific experiment with yeast and Hydrogen Peroxide (Joseph Priestley), making cards for veterans (Clara Barton), and making recycling signs (Pete Seeger). Our Questing Year group is gearing up to raise money for a local charity through a raffle. Stay tuned!

Our Youth Group continues to meet with teens from Scituate, Cohasset, and Rockland. The group recently had a youth-led service at Channing Church. Youth Group has been active with many CONS this year in addition to their usual group meetings every two weeks. They have formed a community, planned events, attended rallies, and spent many late nights together... Youth Group success.

And it’s time for Mystery Friends! Help us build our FPNUU Multi-Generational community! Mystery Friends is a wonderful way to have some fun and deepen your connection with a child or adult in our parish. Do you know who has a cat named “Merry” because she was adopted at Christmas? How about the person who recently took up meditation and Tai Chi? We all have something to share and building on our personal connections is a great way to bring us all closer together. So please consider joining us for our 2018 Mystery Friends season! Sign up in the Parish Hall during coffee hour THIS Sunday or reach out to me if you are interested in participating or need more information (drefpnuu@gmail.com). Dates: May 20 and 27 and June 3 and 10

Warmly, Jessie


Director of Religious Education