The Lifespan Religious Education Committee

Director of Religious Education/ Point person: Gabe Mullins

Emily Grant, Staci Carey, Debb Welsh, Amanda Adams

Unitarian Universalism is a rich tapestry of spiritual, theological, practical, and social expression. It reveals a particular way of looking at the world, an "angle of vision" as Ralph Waldo Emerson expressed it, that is specific to the individual. We embrace each person’s own search for truth and meaning in an intentionally inclusive environment, while working to build a thriving community that is grounded in kindness, respect, open-dialogue, and good works. Our religious education program at First Parish Norwell fosters spiritual and intellectual growth for all ages. We embrace wonderment, questioning hearts and minds, and asking big questions. We embrace you!

Our programs are designed to promote:

  • ● Thoughtful group dialogue and the power of healthy communication
  • ● Self-reflection of one’s own thoughts and beliefs and an appreciation for personal growth and evolution
  • ● A greater understanding of Unitarian Universalism’s seven guiding principles and six sources
  • ● Empowerment for positive social action and change

We believe that the quest for personal truth and meaning is a lifelong journey. Our programs are carefully created to meet the needs of our community across the lifespan. It's never too early or too late to explore, question, grow, and take action in the world! First Parish welcomes you, your questions, your individuality, and your friendship. Join us as we grow together!

For more information or to get involved, contact the or a member of the Lifespan Religious Education Committee. Please note: all programs are free of charge.