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Music Sunday (24.5 MB mp3)
Joanne Howard, Worship Leader

Our choir sings songs from the movie "The Greatest Showman," featuring the life of Universalist, P.T. Barnum. Joanne provides brief information about Barnum's life between the songs.


Living Change - Pride Sunday and Flower Communion (15.8 MB mp3)
Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn Howard, Guest Minister

Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn Howard joins us to talk about the gifts and challenges of being part of the LGBTQ community in today's society. As it's Pride Month, we're inviting all to come dressed in festive and celebratory colors. We'll also have our annual Flower Communion Service, so don't forget to bring flowers or other greenery to share. It's going to be a beautiful, colorful day of celebrating diversity and radical welcome.


The Promise and the Practice of our Faith for Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU)(113k pdf)
Elizabeth Robinson, Worship Leader

This worship service is uniquely prophetic: it calls to us who identify as white to listen, humbly and perhaps with some discomfort, to the lived reality of black Unitarian Universalists in our midst and in the UU world at large. This discomfort is both a gesture of hospitality to voices that have not been heard enough, and a sign that we're growing in the right direction.


Jainist Festival of Paryushana, Forgiving Our Way to Peace - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Paryushana means "abiding and coming together." It is a time when the Jains take on vows of study and fasting. At the end ofthe festival, followers request forgiveness from others for any offenses committed during the last year. Forgiveness is asked by saying "Micchami Dukkadam" to others, which means: If I have offended you in any way, knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word or action, then I seek your forgiveness.


Music and Our Spiritual Life - Frank Grimes, Worship Leader

Worship Service led by Gingy and Frank Grimes – "Music and Our Spiritual Life"


Embracing Uncertainty - Nelson Sherry, Worship Leader

Nelson speaks about the natural sciences and insights into the world around us and considers that at least some of what we have come to believe might be wrong.


Celebrating Our Country - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Reflections on common religious practices around the time of the American Revolution, comments about the soul of our country, right relations & social action, the famous quote by Martin Niemoller, and religious freedoms in our present culture.


Democracy - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Our Fifth Principle. This will be the final sermon on our principles this year. Our fifth principle honors the democratic process that guides us in our congregational governance.


Middle School Credos - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry & Jessie Slade, DRE

Join us as we hear our middle schoolers credos and celebrate what they've learned about themselves and other religions this year. We will also have a bridging ceremony for our graduating high school seniors.

Graduating Seniors Nate Handelman and Katie Taylor share their perspectives as they step forward into the next phase of their lives.


Flower Communion - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Please remember to bring flowers, greenery or even a twig to share as we celebrate this uniquely Unitarian Universalist tradition.


Pulpit Guest Minister - Rev. Rachel Tedesco

Pulpit guest Rev. Rachel Tedesco was a student minister at First Parish with Rev. Fewkes and helped establish our Partakers ministry. We're excited to have her visit while Rev. Lise is away.


A Visit From The Fey - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Fey is another name for fairies, and during Beltane, the fairies come to visit. What does this mean and how has this earth holiday been celebrated in the past and in contemporary times?


"Spiritual DNA – An Exercise In Self-Construction" - Joanne Howard

Total access to our genetic history has become a mainstream – almost recreational – project. Intricate answers arrive in the mail in the form of a pie chart. What about your spiritual DNA? What religious, scientific or nature-based philosophies make up your uniquely personal pie chart?


Traditions of Spring - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Maybe if we think and talk about it enough it will really come! In the meantime, let's consider spring in a historical and multicultural way.


Easter - Once There Was A Little Girl - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Join us for our annual Easter service. We’ll have breakfast together before the service at 8:45 am, and children will have an Easter Egg Hunt during their religious education time.


Hope Turned to Ashes (Who Gets Community) - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Palm Sunday is liturgically a time of excitement and celebration as Jesus enters Jerusalem. There is so much hope and promise in the air, much like when a child is born. What happens when these new lives don't turn out as planned? What happens when we lock away lives into our growing industrial prison complexes? Do we still have the hope of rehabilitation, or has that dream died?


The World Is On Fire - Rev. Fred Small

On Sunday, March 12 at 3 pm in our own Meetinghouse, we hosted an afternoon UU Union Celebration including our Union Sunday congregations "Singing for the Earth", featuring UU minister, folk singer, and climate activist Fred Small. This event for all ages (including activities for the very young) and celebrated the earth through uplifting song and inspiring words, moving us from hope to action.


Compassion, Equity, and Justice - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

We'll look at our second principle in the context of de-centering whiteness and check in with our old friend, Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Free And Responsible Search For Truth And Meaning - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Lessons about our fourth UU principle.


H. L. Menchen on fake news and other political Blovation - Jim Pickel, Worship Leader

Join Jim Pickel as he explores the life and work of Henry Lewis Menchen, "an American journalist, satirist, cultural critic, and scholar of American English." His social commentary in the first half of the 20th century has meaning for us in the first half of the 21st.


Siding With Justice And Love - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Our Second Principle: Compassion, Justice and Equity for All. We'll look at our second principle in the context of de-centering whiteness and check in with our old friend, Martin Luther King, Jr. This is also an Outreach Sunday.


Letting Go - Les Taylor, Worship Leader

First service of 2018, with contributions by several FPN members and a reading of Rev. Barbara Marshman's story "What If Nobody Forgave?"


Soapbox Sunday - Scott Babcock, Worship Leader

Members and friends of our congregation will speak, for about 5 minutes each, on topics dear to their hearts.


What Gifts Do We Bring? - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

It's our annual candlelight service when we join together as the larger community to celebrate the birth that changed the world. The collection from both Christmas Eve services will be used to benefit people in need throughout the year.


Christmas Nativity - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Christmas Nativity Celebration with Rev. Lise Adams Sherry & FPN family


We Are Thankful For Stones - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Join us for our annual multigenerational bread communion and a bit of Stone Soup as well.


How Grows Our Garden - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Our third UU principle asks us to accept one another and encourage each other in spiritual growth. How can we do this if our own roots are dry and in need of care? Do we need to be growing luxuriantly ourselves before we help another, or will our growth also encourage others?


Right Relations - Rev. Dick Fewkes

Our Minister Emeritus joins us for what will certainly be a fulfilling and joyful service.


Animal Souls - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Bring your animal best friends to church for a blessing! Pets should be on a leash or in a carrier. You may also bring photos of shy pets who would rather stay at home, or who have passed away. We'll bless larger animals in the parking lot outside after church.


Native American Religious Practices - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

As many celebrate Columbus Day weekend, let's instead celebrate our indigenous neighbors, learn about some of their spiritual practices and how we might be able to incorporate some of their philosophies into our lives.


A Little Bit Better - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Remember last June when our Helen Fogg Service Committee gave each family $20? This service is dedicated to finding out all the wonderful helping and spiritually enriching ways that folks sent their $20 out into the world. Scott Babcock was our worship leader.


Water Communion and Blessing of the Backpacks - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

At our annual Ingathering Sunday, Rev. Lise led the congregation in the annual Water Communion service. She and our new DRE, Jessie Slade, organized a Blessing of the Backpacks for those returning to school.


Anniversary of Gay Marriage - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

This date in history… May 17, 2004, the day that gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts. First Parish of Norwell is a UUA recognized Welcoming Congregation. Our LGBTQ Chalice Group is active and important.


Code Talkers - Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

In Remembrance: Native American Military Service Many have heard of the code talkers, bilingual Native Americans who served during the World Wars. Many other Native Americans have served our country as well, and we’ll hear their stories and honor their sacrifices.

Special Reading by Ellie Handelman


Frostiana - Joyce & Jim Pickel, Worship Leaders

On this Mother's Day morning, give yourselves the gift of music!! Our Choir will be singing "Frostiana", comprised of music composed by Randall Thompson for seven poems by Robert Frost. Please join us for this service which will highlight the talents of our dedicated, talented, hard-working choir.