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Is Organized Religion (or Politics) a Crutch?


Rev. Richard M. Fewkes, Minister Emeritus

Is religion, and by inference government, becoming too much of a crutch for people who should learn to stand on their own two feet and not become overly dependent on organized religion, or organized government?


Tradition Held Fast


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

We love tradition, and yet we are a "living tradition" in an evolutionary faith movement.  How do we balance our love of tradition with the imperative to change?


Life After Life


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

A sermon that attempts to respond to recent questions asked by parishioners about how to manage fears of our own mortality.


Detach With Love


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

"Detach with love" is a slogan used in the 12-Step community and a phrase I use more often than any other in pastoral counseling. It sounds wise, and it even sounds somewhat easy. It’s not. It is a spiritual practice that requires fortitude, courage, the support of a community and a sense of humor. The holy day of Yom Kippur with its emphasis on self-examination and forgiveness, gives us a perfect seasonal opportunity to reflect on detaching with love.


A Sabbath From and a Sabbath For


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

The tradition of taking one day out of seven from work is obviously a good idea, although something most of us find difficult to accomplish. There is always so much to do ,and so many ways to stay connected. We’ll talk today about things we may want to take a day off from, and things we might choose to take a Sabbath for.


The Island and the Kingdom


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

This morning’s sermon title was inspired by the movie, “Moonrise Kingdom,” a story about community, young love and how we save each other by being willing to understand each other.


Purple Hearts and Bronze Stars


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

On Memorial Day, we gather to remember, to grieve, and to reflect on the battles of life. When I was sitting shiva at my Uncle Dick's condo the other day, I found Purple Heart and Bronze Star medals in one of his desk drawers. I knew he had fought at the Battle of the Bulge, but I did not know the extent of his courage and heroism. What badges of honor and wounds from battles are we keeping in our desk drawers?


For the Eaarth Forever Turning


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

Environmentalist Bill McKibbon's latest book, Earth, suggests that our planet has changed so much, it needs a new name. We will reflect on the changes and commitments we can make in our own lives to walk more lightly on our planet.

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Smaller Boats


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

One hundred years ago this day, the "unsinkable" ship hit an iceberg and sank, taking 1,514 people with her. Leonardo DiCaprio was not one of them. The Titanic is a sorrowful event and gives us occasion to reflect on what the Greeks called hubris, and what we lose when we lose our vision to grandiosity.


Homeland Security, Jesus Style


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

Among Jesus’ clearest goals as a man of God was to bring a kind of reparation, healing and integrity to individuals and community so that no matter what happened to them, they would know themselves to be unbreakable, unviolated in their deepest being.


Shiny, Happy People


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

In conversation with a local social worker the other day, we lamented the number of families of our acquaintance who suffer with secret struggles with finances, addiction, mental illness, domestic violence and depression. The church, which so often focuses on helping "the other people who need it", needs also to be a place where we tell the truth about what goes on behind our own closed doors.


The Church of Me: How Do We Want to Be Known?


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

Our congregation was once accused of being "The Church of Me" by critical members of the Norwell community. But wait: it was meant as an insult, but the real story behind the crack is much more complicated than that, and something I am proud of.


The Lisbon Earthquake


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

"Why do bad things happen to good people?" "How could a loving God allow such atrocities?" Western religion, on its surface, offers a very limiting and limited concept of the divine. Today we will honor the wisdom of non Judeo-Christian religions to illuminate a complex spirituality reality and perhaps to help us come to better terms with our own traditions.


Give Up


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

I can’t help it. I know that Lent really isn’t a Unitarian Universalist seasonal observance, but I feel that it should be. Since we are covenanted "to promote spiritual growth" as well as ethical commitment, we’ll reflect this morning on how the Lenten season can help us get into some good and uncomfortable places.


Plugging In


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

What is prayer? The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn will be our spiritual guide for this morning’s reflections.


Old Man Joseph: In Praise of Co-Stars


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

Joseph of Nazareth is definitely a supporting player in the story of Jesus’ birth, but a fascinating character for our reflection. How do you stay in the story when you have no idea what’s going on? A service that may be especially appreciated by dads.


What We Don't Want To See


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

Rev. Weinstein preaches on the Penn State coaching sex abuse scandal. What happens when we worship the wrong things? Why do we consistently protect institutions instead of individuals, and especially children? How do we move on as communities in a trusting yet accountable and responsible way in the aftermath of such shattering revelations? These are difficult ethical questions that we need to take time to explore together.


Useful and Beautiful


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

This service is inspired by the Victorian artist and founder of the Arts and Crafts movement William Morris who said, "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." We reflect on beauty, work and creativity as spiritual expression.


Enjoy Your Power


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

During Hurricane Irene, we lost electrical power in Norwell for several days. When I got it back on, a sales clerk uttered this great line. What do we think of power? How do we use and abuse it in our personal lives and in our institutions?


Curiouser and Curiouser


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

We are each ultimately and always strangers to each other. That could scare us, or it could be a source of inspiration, strength and forgiveness.


Limitless, Undying Love


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

The limits of language in the religious quest for understanding. First of a series on Questioning and Questing: Exploring Theology.




Rev. Victoria Weinstein

What happened this summer in London? Rev. Vicki was there and has some reflections on the connections between a culture’s emotional violence and cathartic public outbreaks of physical violence.


Keep Calm and Carry On


Rev. Victoria Weinstein

Our Homecoming Service honors the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and celebrates the blessings and opportunities of a new church year. Today is all we know and all we ultimately have. "Look well, therefore, to this day!"