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Music Sunday

Worship leader: Joyce Pickel
Our choir presents “Frostiana”, comprised of music composed by Randall Thompson for seven poems by Robert Frost.


Music Sunday

Truth and Lies in Our Public and Private Lives
Our beloved minister emeritus, Rev. Richard M. Fewkes, is in the pulpit today.


Beginning to Know


The Lessons of the Lorax

Rev. Lise Adams Sherry and DRE Julian Baptista present the cautionary tale of the Lorax.


Easter Sunday

As Universalists, how do we recognize and celebrate new beginnings?


Stop Gun Violence

Our special guest is Zoe Grover of Stop Handgun Violence. CHALICE stands for Changing Hearts and Lives by Inspiring Community Efforts and today’s service will educate and inspire us to continue to work for ways to stop gun violence. Our Outreach Sunday offering will go to Stop Handgun Violence.


Commitment Sunday

After thinking about our goals and ability to contribute financially last week, today we'll be making our decision.


The Joy of Giving

(Stewardship Sunday) Every year we reconsider our financial situation, our needs and our wants at First Parish of Norwell. How do we want to sponsor these beliefs in our world?


Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My!

Rev. Lise Adams Sherry preaching on "Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh My!"


When I Breathe In…

Our pulpit guest today is Rachel Christensen.


Pascale’s Wager: To be or Not to Be

The 17th century scientist, Blaise Pascale, put forth a wager he hoped would encourage people to follow a Christian life. How might this influence our lives today?


Happy 375th Birthday, First Parish!

This very special worship service celebrates our 375th anniversary. Minister Emeritus Rev. Richard Fewkes joins Rev. Lise in the pulpit. This service is multigenerational as we celebrate our birthday together. We’ll see performances of some of our history including a return visit from Rev. Samuel May (aka Rev. Dick Fewkes, minister emeritus), one of our ministers from the 19th century.


This I Believe

Three members of our congregation share their spiritual views.


Still Climbing

As we take time to recognize the contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr., we'll also think about how we can continue to move forward on our mission to create Beloved Community.


Letting Go with Grace

As the New Year begins, it's an opportunity to reflect on how you'd like to move forward. The service features the annual Burning Bowl ritual.


Annual Christmas Eve Service of Lights


Nativity in a Trunk

On this very interactive Sunday we'll tell the story of Jesus' birth. The service also features our multigenerational choir and a trumpet duet.


The Blessings of Bodhisattvas

December 8th is observed by many Buddhists as a celebration of the Buddha's Enlightenment. How do the Buddha's learnings fit into our lifestyle and holiday season?


What Color is Your Prophet?

Our special guest musician is Frank Grimes on viola.


First Parish of Norwell Roots

Pulpit guest David Turner shared some of his incredible knowledge of our history.


Family Thanksgiving Service

Rev. Lise and DRE Julian Baptista co-lead this annual tradition.


Restoring Justice, Restoring Lives

A couple of weeks ago, FPNUU hosted a workshop on Restorative Justice. Rev. Lise shares some of the concepts she heard as a way to improve our justice system.


Voting Our Values

How will our values encourage us to vote, and perhaps even more importantly, how will they lead us to continue to participate in our nation if we wake up on the day after Election Day sorely disappointed?


Costumes, Masks and Altar/Alter Egos

Our former student minister, Rev. Judy Campbell, returns to the pulpit.


Libraries: the Soul of the Community

Before the Norwell Public Library existed, there was the James Library. As part of our 375th anniversary celebration, we explore our library roots.


The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Child

Kara Hemingway, a social worker with the MA Department of Children and Families joins us to discuss the foster care program.


The Legacy of the Discovery Doctrine

During the colonial era, European monarchies put forth the Doctrine of Discovery. How has this attitude shaped our country and possibly even current attitudes?


Let It Begin With Me

It's the start of the Jewish New Year, a time that will lead into the high holy days of atonement and repentance. What does that mean to us as UUs?


Three Among Thousands – Views from General Assembly

Rev. Lise, Elizabeth Robinson and Alex Gordon share what they learned at General Assembly on Columbus, OH


Our Past Leads Us On

We consider our history and our future as we look at how we have contributed to and will continue to add to the creation of Beloved Community as we care for our world.


Water Communion

On this Ingathering Sunday, we participated in the Water Communion ritual and offered a Blessing of the Hands for our Religious Education teachers for the upcoming year.


Our Larger Faith

As our delegates prepare to go to General Assembly, we’ll discuss the importance of being part of our larger community and some of the ideals that went into creating this larger body of Unitarian Universalism.


Forming a Faith

The 7th and 8th graders presented their personal credos, created after a year of religious exploration, at this very special Coming of Age service.


RE Sunday

This special service recognized and appreciated our Religious Education program and all those who make it happen. Rev. Lise and DRE Julian co-led the multigenerational service.


Caring for Our Community

Moms, and all parents, do a lot for their families and others in their lives. As a church, we care about and help others, too. Sometimes we all care so much that things can start to feel a little out of control. Then it’s time to pull back and reassess. How do we think we’re doing in our relationship with our larger community? Do we like where we’re putting our energies, or do we want to refocus and change some things? This was a conversational service.


Moving the Spirit

Sermon at First Parish Church of Norwell, MA on May 1, 2016. Rev. Lise Adams Sherry preaching on "Moving the Spirit".


Remembering the Holocaust

This special worship service, focusing on remembering the Holocaust, was led by Joanne Howard. Music was provided by Francis Grimes on viola.


Opening Our Hearts to the World

Rev. Lise speaks about "Opening Our Hearts to the World."


Unitarian Universalist Sisterhood

Rev. Lise and member Sue Robinson jointly led this service, focusing on Unitarian Universalist sisterhood and the many contributions over the years of the Alliance.


Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sunday worship service included a special presentation of a play based on "City Green" by Dyanne DiSalvo-Ryan, presented by Rev. Lise and DRE Julian.


Palms for Oscar Romero

Rev. Lise’s Palm Sunday sermon highlighted the work of Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador, who championed the poor and underprivileged after his appointment.


To Minister to Each Other's Needs and to Those of Humanity

On March 1, 1961, President Kennedy signed an executive order establishing the Peace Corps and challenged Americans to help people in foreign countries build better lives for themselves. Several members of the congregation responded and shared their stories with us at this special service led by Joyce Pickel.


The School to Prison Pipeline

Particularly since the war on drugs began in the 1980s, many in our country have found themselves filtered into a particularly negative life path. It's important to acknowledge this, figure out how to change it and then act. This is an Outreach Sunday and our offering will benefit Partakers.


Happy New Moment!

Our first worship service of the new year included the burning bowl ritual.


What Did Those Angels Say?

Rev. Lise’s homily for our annual Christmas Eve Service of Lights.


Blue Holidays

Sometimes it's difficult to be of good holiday cheer.


The Importance of Sanctuary

Rev. Lise preaches on "The Importance of Sanctuary" as a service focusing on Hanukah.


Annual Intergenerational Thanksgiving Service

Rev. Lise’s homily is titled "Traditions of Welcoming"


Installation of Rev. Lise Adams Sherry

Installation of Rev. Lise Adams Sherry as our 29th settled minister. The sermon was given by the Rev. Richard Davis of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem, OR. Music was presented by the choir, with John McCann playing the trumpet.


Beside the Still Waters

Our beloved minister emeritus, Rev. Richard Fewkes, preaching on "Beside the Still Waters"


The Season of Samhein

Rev. Lise explores the meaning behind this Pagan holiday and what we can learn from it as Unitarian Universalists.


I am Thankful for Laughter, Except When Milk Comes Out My Nose

Rev. Lise leads a service on humor.


Blessing of the Animals

At our annual Blessing of the Animals, Rev. Lise preaches on "Animal Spirits".


Rev. Joseph Tuckerman: Transforming with Love

Worship Service from Sunday, October 4, 2015 at First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Norwell, MA. Rev. Lise Adams Sherry preaching on "Rev.
Joseph Tuckerman: Transforming with Love".


Agape – The Love of God Operating in the Human Heart

Worship leader Joyce Pickel preaching on "Agape - the Love of God Operating in the Human Heart"


Home is Where the Heart Is

This is our first Service/Outreach Sunday of the year, with our collection going to Y2Y Harvard Square, a group in Cambridge who is helping homeless youth, ages 18-24, in the community. Their new shelter will be in the UU church, opening November 1.


Ingathering and Water Communion Service

Rev. Lise welcomes all ages as we gather together again for the official church year as a wonderful religious community. Bringing a small amount of water to share from your spiritual or other meaningful journeys over the summer. As we mingle our water, so we mingle our lives.