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    Inherent Worth & Dignity of Every Person

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    World Community with Peace, Liberty and Justice for all.

  • We Respect
    the interdependent web of all existence

About Us

First Parish of Norwell is a liberal church in dialogue with the religious questions of the modern world, yet still honoring the best within our Judeo-Christian heritage. Recognizing no distinction of class, sex, nationality, race, age, or sexual orientation, ours is a Welcoming Church that stresses the need for community amidst the impersonality of the secular world. First Parish of Norwell is a member church in the Unitarian Universalist Association. First Parish of Norwell is a distinguished New England congregation serving the area including Norwell, Hanover, Marshfield, Hanson, Hingham, Scituate, Pembroke and other south shore towns for 375 years. Read More.


"In the bonds of fellowship and love, we unite to cultivate reverence, to promote spiritual growth and ethical commitment, to minister to each other's needs and to those of humanity, to celebrate the sacred moments of life's passage, and to honor the holiness at the heart of being."
First Parish of Norwell Covenant


People of diverse beliefs gather as one faith. We aspire to create an extended spiritual family where young and old, Christian and non-christian, theist and humanist can offer each other mutual friendship and support in our common spiritual quest.


The Helen Fogg Service Committee coordinates efforts to reach our service goals by working with and contributing to already existing social justice and outreach efforts. Four areas of focus help to organize our work include: Neighbor to Neighbor, Sustainable Development, Education, and Human Rights.

We Are UU

Unitarian Universalist principles encourage the right of conscience and utilizing the democratic process to achieve social justice, equity, and equal opportunity for all individuals in our local, national, and global communities. At First Parish of Norwell, we support individual and group efforts to bring about a world where no person is denied the right to participate and enjoy the fruits of a just and equitable society.

Who We Are

First Parish Norwell
Our 375th Anniversary Events and Activities! Click here

Minister - Reverend Lise Adams Sherry

Rev. Lise feels pastoral care and rites of passage make up one of the more sacred parts of ministry. During these times, Lise hopes people will trust her with their challenges and their joys. Lise has found that simply offering her presence can be one of the more empowering things she does as a minister.

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Minister's Bio

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Minister Emeritus - Rev. Richard M. Fewkes

Join Us for Sunday Services at 10 a.m.

  • sermon
    March 11: Commitment Sunday
    We'll combine this with last Sunday’s service about Stewardship (since we didn’t have church). We'll celebrate the wonderful place we are, and we'll share our abundance through a raffle of some FAHBULOUS prizes for those who have already turned in their pledges. After church, please stay for our lasagna lunch (vegetarian and non-gluten choices will be available). And remember to spring forward with your clock on Saturday!
  • sermon
    March 18: Rev. Caitlin Coilberg, Guest Speaker
    Tact and the Art of Speaking Kindness

    What is tact, really, and why does it matter? We will explore how the words we use can connect or divide, hurt or heal, cause harm or lead towards liberation- how our language shapes our reality and our relationships. Join Rev. Caitlin Cotter Coillberg of the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara for a service exploring how we can make a difference by choosing our words with care, creativity and compassion.
  • sermon
    March 25: Hope Turned to Ashes
    Palm Sunday is liturgically a time of excitement and celebration as Jesus enters Jerusalem. There is so much hope and promise in the air, much like when a child is born. What happens when these new lives don’t turn out as planned? What happens when we lock away lives into our growing industrial prison complexes? Do we still have the hope of rehabilitation, or has that dream died? This is an Outreach Sunday to benefit Partakers, our prison ministry. We will also have a Palm Sunday communion service after the regular service. All are invited to participate.
  • sermon
    April 1: Life Reborn
    Join us for our annual Easter service. We'll have breakfast together before the service at 8:45 am, and children will have an Easter Egg Hunt during their religious education time.
  • Worship volunteers are needed!
    If you would like to host a Coffee Hour, be an usher, or provide the pulpit arrangement, please sign up in the Parish Hall or contact the Church Office. If you are interested in acting as a Worship Associate and assisting Rev. Lise during a Sunday service, please contact Bev Gardner at bevgardner@comcast.net.

    Should severe weather this winter necessitate cancellation of any church activities, we will make every effort to leave an outgoing message on the church's voicemail and send an all-church email with the information. We will notify WATD radio in Marshfield (95.9 FM), WCVB – TV (Channel 5), WHDH 7News and radio/AM 680. We will also make every effort to post updates on our Facebook page. However, power outages or lack of internet access may affect our ability to communicate with you all. Please be cautious and use your best judgment!

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