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    World Community with Peace, Liberty and Justice for all.

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About Us

First Parish of Norwell is a liberal church in dialogue with the religious questions of the modern world, yet still honoring the best within our Judeo-Christian heritage. Recognizing no distinction of class, sex, nationality, race, age, or sexual orientation, ours is a Welcoming Church that stresses the need for community amidst the impersonality of the secular world. First Parish of Norwell is a member church in the Unitarian Universalist Association. First Parish of Norwell is a distinguished New England congregation serving the area including Norwell, Hanover, Marshfield, Hanson, Hingham, Scituate, Pembroke and other south shore towns for more than 375 years. Read More.


"In the bonds of fellowship and love, we unite to cultivate reverence, to promote spiritual growth and ethical commitment, to minister to each other's needs and to those of humanity, to celebrate the sacred moments of life's passage, and to honor the holiness at the heart of being."
First Parish of Norwell Covenant


People of diverse beliefs gather as one faith. We aspire to create an extended spiritual family where young and old, Christian and non-christian, theist and humanist can offer each other mutual friendship and support in our common spiritual quest.


The Helen Fogg Service Committee coordinates efforts to reach our service goals by working with and contributing to already existing social justice and outreach efforts. Four areas of focus help to organize our work include: Neighbor to Neighbor, Sustainable Development, Education, and Human Rights.

We Are UU

Unitarian Universalist principles encourage the right of conscience and utilizing the democratic process to achieve social justice, equity, and equal opportunity for all individuals in our local, national, and global communities. At First Parish of Norwell, we support individual and group efforts to bring about a world where no person is denied the right to participate and enjoy the fruits of a just and equitable society.

Who We Are

First Parish Norwell

Minister - Reverend Lise Adams Sherry

Rev. Lise feels pastoral care and rites of passage make up one of the more sacred parts of ministry. During these times, Lise hopes people will trust her with their challenges and their joys. Lise has found that simply offering her presence can be one of the more empowering things she does as a minister.

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Minister's Bio

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Minister Emeritus - Rev. Richard M. Fewkes

Join Us for Sunday Services at 10 a.m.

  • sermon
    April 7: Earth Day Sunday Rev. Lise Adams Sherry and Gabe Millins, DRE
    It's our annual multigenerational Sunday of caring for and celebrating our earth. It's also an Outreach Sunday.
  • sermon
    April 14: Are We A Free People?
    Passover begins Friday, April 19. We'll consider the ancient story of God’s protection and Moses' leadership of the Jewish people to freedom. Are there ways that this story can inspire us today? For those who are interested, we’ll have our annual communion service after our main worship.
  • sermon
    April 21: Easter and the Coming of Persephone
    Persephone is known as the Greek Goddess of spring, and she’s also the Queen of the Underworld. As we celebrate the light and goodness of the world, is it also important to consider the darkness?
  • sermon
    April 28: Helen Fogg - Elizabeth Robinson, Worship Leader
    Helen Fogg is one of our 20th century church mothers. Elizabeth will share some history and inspirations from her life.
    The Church Office will be closed during school vacation week, April 16-19. It will reopen at 9 am on Tuesday, April 23.
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